Benefits of tai chi, a type of martial art

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discover the benefits of tai chi

Tai Chi (also referred to sometimes as Tai Ji) is a Chinese martial art which balances the energy of body and mind. Sun style tai chi is a form of Tai Chi and is being widely taught to help sufferers of arthritis, back pain and to improve the balance to prevent older people from falling. The higher and more natural postures enable people of all ages to gain benefit from Sun style.

The practice of Tai Chi can complement other sports and activities. The Sun style has some Qi Gong postures throughout the form to improve the internal energy.

Students with a medical condition should discuss with their doctor whether they should practice Tai Chi and/or related martial arts.

In most cases Tai Chi is beneficial and can be modified to suit the individual.

Our aim is to promote the Sun style martial arts and provide the opportunity to learn for anyone wishing to study this style.